How can I provide image downloads for my customers?
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015
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Proofing is a great tool to provide digital downloads. 

To turn on digital downloads, open the event from the proofing control panel and click on the gear (top right corner).

Here you will see a section about downloads. By default downloads are not allowed, so this is an option you can turn on.

By selecting yes, anyone who accesses the event can download images.

Or you can require a code to be entered in order for someone to download images. Choose yes, with code and type the desired code in the field below. 

Next, choose the download resolution. This can be web or print resolution. The default is web resolution for digital use only. If you choose print, the images people download can be printed up to 11''x14'' (as long as the images you uploaded are at least 3000x1730 pixels).

After setting your download settings, click save changes.

Note: These settings can also be accessed while creating an event.


When your client is accessing their images and they are ready to download one of their images, they will need to first click on the image to see it larger.

After the image to be downloaded has been selected, click on the download button

After your client clicks on the download button, they will need to enter either their download code or email address.

From there, they will receive the image download for their use.

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