How can I use Proofing and Invoicing to sell digital files online?
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Monday, October 19, 2015
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Our proofing system provides the option for clients to download their files for free, if you wish to enable this setting. If you'd like your clients to choose a certain number of "favorites" to download and you'd like them to have to pay a fixed amount for the set of files, there is a way you can achieve this using our Proofing and Invoicing tools together. 

1. Create your client's event

To begin, you'll need to create your client's events and allow them to choose their favorites and send their favorites to you when they are finished selecting the images they want available for download.

For assistance with setting up your proofing event, click here. For instructions on how your clients can send you their favorites, click here.

2. Receive client's favorites and send invoice

After you've received your client's favorites, create and send the invoice to your client for the amount they need to pay for the set of images they will receive. For assistance on how to create an invoice, click here.

3. Modify event and turn on downloads

Once the invoice has been paid, go back to that clients proofing event in the proofing icon under events and delete the images they did not select as favorites. At this point, the only images in the event gallery should be the ones your client selected as their favorites. After your client's event has been modified you'll need to adjust the setting to allow digital downloads. We have instructions on how to do this here.

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