How do I add a download option for my products?
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Thursday, August 27, 2015
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In your Ecommerce control panel, you can offer digital downloads for sale online as products. With digital downloads, you control how long your file is available for your customer to download, and how many times your customer may attempt to download the file. This is a great option to allow your clients to download a PDF file, an ebook, as well as other digital options. To get started, mouse over sell online and click products.

Choose the category the product is located in, click on on the name of the product.

Click on the tab for digital download to enter your download link.

The download link can be entered in from the form field in this section. The link must be hosted in a public folder to be available for download

From this area, you can also adjust the number of days download is available, and maximum downloads per order. This allows you to maintain control over how long the digital item is available online and how many times your customer can download your digital item. 

Once you have customized the options in the digital download section, click the save changes button. Your digital item will now be available for download with your product. 

Note: The digital item can only be downloaded once payment for the product has been recieved (the order status must be set to paid).

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