How do I create a new pricelist?
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015
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In your ecommerce control panel, after you set up pricing for individual products, prints, services, and packages, you need to associate those prices with a price list. The price list ultimately determines what gets displayed on your website. You have a global price list that anyone who visits your site will see, and you also have the ability to assign price lists to specific events.

To create a new price list, mouse over sell online and click on price lists.

Every account starts with a global price list that has all products, prints, services, and packages turned on (note: you can edit the global price list to choose what is offered). To create a new price list to assign to an event, click on the new price list button.

You can then name your price list. It is best to name your price list something that is easily distinguishable (e.g., portraits, weddings, seniors).

Then you can go through each section and choose what products to associate with the price list by using the all, none, and custom radio buttons.

Finally, click add price list.

Note: In order to use a new price list, you must select the price list in the settings area of your Proofing event. Services, Event Renewals, nor Print Options are compatible with Proofing Events.

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