How do I create a new proofing event?
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015
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To create a new proofing event to share with your customers, go to the proofing control panel, click on events, and click on new event.

Events are organized into categories. By default, the new event will be created in the first category in your account, you can drag-and-drop it to a different category, or click on the category you want the event in before clicking new event

Now you can edit the settings for the event, and load galleries of images. 


First name your event, by typing in the event name field. This will be visible to your customer and determine the URL for where your customers access the event (

If you have Ecommerce on your account, you can select a price list to allow purchasing from your Proofing event.

Then set an expiration date. By default it is set to one month from the day you create the event. 

Next, set a password. While this is optional, it allows people to go to to enter their password and get into their event. 

Then you can choose if you want to allow customers to download images from the event. By default this is set to no.

You have the option to turn on digital downloads for anyone accessing the event, or only those with a code and you choose what that code is by typing in the box below yes, with code. This will prompt people to enter a code when they click the download button, and only allow them to if they enter the correct code.

You also have the option for people to download images at web or print resolution. Print resolution allows for downloads to be printed up to 11"x14'' if the images you uploaded are at least 3000x1730 pixels.

Finally, you get to choose if you will allow favorites, sharing, comments, and if you will display file names in your event. By default favorites, sharing, and comments are allowed. However, by default file names are not displayed.

After you have modified the settings for your event, click create event. This will take you into your event to load images. 

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