How do I link my events on my website?
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Thursday, August 27, 2015
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Once you have created events in your ecommerce control panel you will also need to create an events page in the site builder to allow clients to view and purchase from the event.

From the builder control panel, click on web pages.

Click on new page and click events from the drop down menu. This will add a new event page to the end of your list of pages. You can change the location of the new events page by draging the page up/down.

To rename the page (by default the new page will be named Extra Events), double click on the page name or single click on the pencil next to it and type in your new page name. 

Now you are ready to customize the look of the page. Your current layout is displayed, to change it click on the change button. You will see wireframes of the available layouts, click on one to choose it, then click save changes.

The content area, allows you to enter text to display above the events. You also have the ability to choose what to display on this event page. You can display all events, a single event category, or a single event on this page.

The html section at the bottom allows you to enter optional html code below the events. You have the ability to set multiple pages to display your events. For example, you can set up an events page for portraits and a separate page for seniors.

Make sure you click save changes at the bottom to save your information.

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