How do I point my existing domain to PhotoBiz?
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Wednesday, November 04, 2015
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If you already have a Domain Name you would like to use with your PhotoBiz account, we can help you set that up. Simply follow the steps outlined below to ensure that your existing domain can be set up to work with your PhotoBiz account.

First, click on the menu icon at the top right corner of your control panel and click on domains

From there, click on request a domain set up.

After that, you'll be prompted to enter your domain name under your existing domain name

You'll also be asked if you have domain based email (i.e. Answer the question and click on continue.


  • If you selected YES for the email question, please send your email provider's MX records to our Support Team BEFORE you change your name servers (the next step). If you change your name servers before we have your email's MX records set up on our servers, your email will go down. Your email will be restored within 2-24 hours after your MX records have been added to our servers. 
  • If you selected NO for the email question and you would like domain-based email, we recommend PhotoBiz Mailbox. Click here for more information about Mailbox.

You will then see a confirmation message once you have submitted your domain setup request that will provide you with instructions on how to change your domain name servers to point them to our hosting at Rackspace. You will then need to modify your domain's name servers to the following:

Name Server 1:

Name Server 2: 

You will then receive a response within 24 business hours, indicating that your domain name setup is complete. If we are unable to complete the setup, we will notify you via email with information regarding the reason.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING EMAIL: When we setup your domain name, if you have any existing email accounts associated with that domain name, those email account(s) will be temporarily unavailable during the transition period. Once your domain name has completed propagation, your email account(s) will function properly again.

If you don't have domain based email but you'd like to set it up for the first time, or if you'd like to switch your email provider to PhotoBiz, see the following articles:

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