How do I send an email marketing campaign?
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Monday, January 11, 2016
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After you've completed setting up your email marketing campaign, its time to send it out to your contacts and see the results! 

From your campaign builder, click on the send button. From there, there are two steps to preparing your campaign to send: select contacts and sender info.

You can select your contacts three ways: all contacts, by type, and by tag.

All contacts will select all the contacts entries in your list. This will include all contacts created from submitting any of your forms, ordering from your e-commerce, or contacts you added manually to your Contacts tool. 

If you choose to select contacts by type, you will choose either customers, leads, or vendors, or any combination of the three. Contacts are designated as customers if they order from your e-commerce. Contacts are designated leads if they submit a form. Contacts are designated vendors if you create them with that designation (or edit an existing contact to give it that designation).

You can change any contact's type in your Contacts tool. Click here to learn how to edit a contact.

Finally, you can choose to select contacts by tag. Tags can be added to a contact entry manually, or automatically applied to a contact if they submit a form that has been tagged by you in the Form tool. When you select by tag, you will see a list of your tags and be able to choose one or many of your tags by clicking the check box to the left of a tag.

Click here to learn more about tagging forms, and click here to learn about tagging contacts.


After you've selected the contacts you'd like to send your campaign to, you'll need to complete the sender info. The from name and from email will automatically be pre-filled with the information on your account, but it can be changed here if necessary. Next, you'll need to enter the email subject. This will show in the subject line of your customer's email. 

You'll also need to check the checkbox for "I confirm that all recipients granted their permission to be send this email". 

When you've completed both steps, click on the send button at the bottom of the page.

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John K. - Kellie,

I'll have one of our Web Consultants give you a call on this one, there's currently not a way to schedule out campaigns to automatically send out however you can build your campaign and save them for a specific time/date very easily.
kellie mccann - Is there a way to schedule emails to go out at a specific time/date?