How do I set up the Blog Page on my Builder?
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Monday, November 16, 2015
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The main purpose of your Blog page on the Builder is to display your Blog posts. In addition to displaying your Blog posts, there is also opportunity to choose a layout, add a banner, add text, and add widgets to the page.

To see the options you have for your Blog page, access the Builder icon and click on web pages. From there, either click on your Blog page or add a new Blog page by clicking on new page then blog

On your Blog page, you can choose a layout by clicking on the change button, then selecting a layout and clicking on save changes

Below the layout, you can add a page title, then upload images to the banner images section, and add some introductory text to the content box if you'd like.

Below the Content area is where you can make selections about blog posts and how they will display.

Under choose what to display on this page, select either display ALL of your posts, or display all posts tagged with. If you'd like to display a particular subject of blog posts using tagging, type in the tag you'd like to use, then click on add tag. This feature will only work properly if you have blog posts published with those tags.

In addition to choosing what posts to display, you can also sort the posts on the page by selecting either Most Recent or Most Popular

Once you've made your selections for the posts to display, make sure to click on save changes.

In addition to choosing the blog posts you'd like to display on this page, you can also use widgets on your blog page. Your widget options are Tag, Archive, and HTML. A tag widget will display all the tags you've used in your blog posts that allow your viewers to jump to posts with a particular tag. The archive widget displays years and months when blog posts were added so viewers can easily jump back to previous posts. HTML widgets allow you to add any HTML content to display forms, social media feeds, etc.

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