How do I view my customer's favorite images?
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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Using the Store, your customers have the ability to save their Favorite images in events. When they first click the Favorite button (a heart icon) they will be prompted to create an account to save their Favorite images to. 

You also have the ability to view your customer's favorites from our Ecommerce and Contacts control panels.

From Ecommerce, mouse over Tracking, choose Favorites, then click on your customer's name.

You will see a list of customer names, as well as the email address your customer used to create their account as well as the date they created the account and the last date they made any modification to their Favorites.

To access the Favorite images, click on your customer's name. If they have Favorites in multiple events you will then be able to click on the name of the event and see the Favorites they marked.

Alternatively, you can use the Contacts control panel to access Favorites. Select a customer, click on the Favorites tab, then select Event from the list and you can see their Favorites.

Are you on the go? You can see your customer's favorites with the PhotoBiz ToGo App on your mobile device. Click here to find out how.


Note: Customer's must create an account in order for any favorite images or items to be saved to their cart. 

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